French media on the case of Ablyazov
© 10.03.2015

The French media took a closer look at the case of the Kazakh dissident and oppositionist Mukhtar Ablyazov. Internet portals and newspapers looked at, among others, ambiguous connections of European and French officials with their Kazakh counterparts.

In Médiapart, Agathe Duparc revealed the background of the so-called ‘Kazakhleak’ scandal and the content of hacked e-mails from which it follows that Bernard Squarcini, former head of the French security bodies, is involved in the case of Ablyazov. While working for Arcanum AG (acting on behalf of Kazakhstan), Squarcini offered his assistance and services to Ablyazov’s defenders. Disclosed emails have also shed light on other figures. Reportedly, Laurent Obadia, Julien Dray and Xavier Boucobza worked for Squarcini; some of them allegedly offered their assistance to the dissident’s defenders. Squarcini confirmed that he is an adviser of Kazakhstan, but vehemently denied collaborating with Julien Dray and Laurent Obadia. However, he addressed Xavier Boucobza for a legal opinion.

In addition to the French website Médiapart, the case of Ablyazov was also mentioned by Newspaper Lilberation when describing the death of Rakhat Aliyev, former son-in-law of Nursultan Nazarbayev and the head of the Kazakh secret services.