Wyborcza.pl portal about the chase for M. Ablyazov
© mukhtarablyazov.org 30.10.2014

The Polish portal wyborcza.pl has published an article about the Kazakh dissident, Mukhtar Ablyazov. As the author of the article reports, within less than a year, a request for his extradition has been made for a second time, Ablyazov’s lawyers can, however, appeal against the court’s most recent decision on his extradition to Russia.

The article presents the turbulent fate of the oppositionist – the nationalisation of his bank and charges of fraudulently acquiring millions. The author describes the trial now pending in France. As he says, ‘French courts are not seeking to establish whether Ablyazov is guilty or not guilty, but only whether extradition can be granted in a particular case or not.’

Source: Wyborcza.pl