Interview with Mukhtar Ablyazov’s Russian lawyer aired on A24 television
© 11.02.2014

A24 television station broadcast an interview with the Russian lawyer Mark Feygin – lawyer and barrister of the Kazakhstan dissident, Mukhtar Ablyazov.

In the interview, Feygin noted that in the case of extradition to Russia, Ablyazov’s life may be in danger. He also remarked that soon, he will have submitted a full appeal on the French court’s decision allowing for Ablyazov’s extradition to Russia, where a fair trial for the latter could hardly be seen as likely. The lawyer also stated in the interview that the Ablyazov case cannot be viewed from a purely business-oriented point of view, and the request for his extradition is strongly connected to the dissident’s political activity. Feygin also perceives a certain affiliation between the present management of the BTA Bank, the Kazakhstan government and the Russian investigators, wherein he also notes a political context. The lawyer claims that Russia is eager to take over the remnants of Ablyazov’s property, Kazakh authorities wish to have Ablyazov at their mercy, and France is simply short-sighted and gullible enough to willingly render the man to the informal alliance of the two.

Feygin is a barrister and politician, active oppositionist of Vladimir Putin. In 2012, he was one of the three barristers to represent the Russian band, Pussy Riot.

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