La Repubblica: Photo of Alua was tampered with by Photoshop.
© 14.11.2013

Attached please find an article from La Repubblica. It goes back to the case of Alma and Alua and indicates that the photo of Alua on the document issued by the Kazakh embassy, which allowed her expulsion from Italy was tampered with by Photoshop. In the article, they cite the lawyer of Madina Ablyazova in Rome, who is now responsible for the case filed by Madina in Italy to accuse the Kazakh diplomats and unidentified (yet) officers of the Italian Ministry of Interior of having helped to illegally expel Alma and Alua from Italy.

 The article concentrates around the fact that the photo has been "clearly" retouched. That only the Italian police - la Questura - had Alua's passport from the CAR in these days and since the photo on the document of return issued by the Kazakh embassy seems to be clearly the same photo from her passport (also because the Kazakhs had no other photo of Alua - born in UK), it must have been scanned by someone in the Italian police and sent to the Kazakhs.