Ketebayev: who will represent Russia at the M. Ablyazov's extradition trial?
© 20.06.2014

Muratbek Ketebayev, one of founders of Alga! party, published a post on his Facebook about Ablyazov case. 

"I wonder who will represent Russia at the Mukhtar Ablyazov's extradition trial in France? Could it be Grunis D. from the Russia's Prosecutor General's Office? The man who took part in hearings in Aix-Provence on December 12, 2013? If it is him, then I wonder whether Mr. Grunis would insist that the Kazakh authorities are not behind the criminal cases brought in Russia against Mukhtar Ablyazov and his "organized criminal group"?

The fact is, D. Grunis attended a meeting in Moscow on April 24, 2014, chaired by presidential aide Evgheny Shkolov. The meeting was also attended by a representative delegation from Kazakhstan.

Earlier I already named the participants of this meeting. However, I will repeat their names to emphasize that the parties behind the actions undertaken by the Russian law enforcement bodies against Ablyazov and other people in the cases involving "BTA Bank" are Akorda and Nazarbayev.

The Russian delegation at the meeting in Moscow on April 24 included: Shklov A. and Bughelsky F. from the RF presidential administration, Yudin V. and Grunis E. from the Prosecutor General's Office of the RF, and Shinin Yu. and Solopov S. from the Investigative Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the RF.

The Kazakh delegation at the meeting in Moscow on April 24 included: Shukeyev D. and Beisengaliyev B. from the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund, Kravchenko A. and Maksatbekuulu U. from the Prosecutor General's Office of the RK, Kenenbaev E. from the Ministry of the Interior of the RK, Koszhanov B. from the NSC (National Security Committee) of the RK, Yertysbayev O. from the AFECC (Agency for Fighting Economic and Corruption Crimes) of the RK, Rakishev K. and Prosyankin P. from the BTA Bank.

By the way, the delegates to the meeting discussed, along with Mukhtar Ablyazov, such issues as how to "reach" Tatiana Paraskevich in the Czech Republic and Artur Trofimov in Austria. This weekend I flew to Prague and spoke to Tatiana Nikolayeva. She told me how rudely the police officers had behaved including Budilo N.N. putting pressure on her and her family apparently hoping that in this way they would be able to obtain evidence against Ablyazov from Paraskevich.

The problem the Russian investigators face is that for all their vastness the Elena Tishchenko's evidence (that the whole case is apparently built on) is just words. Criminal prosecution should be based on proof that they have not been, and probably will not be, able to obtain.

Why am I so sure? Firstly, all that one could have "dug up" has already been "dug up" by the three waves of Kazakh investigators: from the NSC, the Prosecutor General's Office, and now the AFECC. Secondly, there are no elements of crime as such. The BTA's money was not stolen but rather invested in all sorts of projects, and if the Government had not seized BTA in February 2009, Mukhtar would have brought all these projects to conclusion.

Just before the BTA's seizure, in one of his last conversations with Karim Massimov Mukhtar Ablyazov offered him to buy the entire BTA's stake for $ 2 billion, while the total assets of the bank exceeded 10 billion, who, after a consultation with Elbasy (leader of the nation), refused to accept the offer, and it was clear why - they feared that after receiving this money Mukhtar will emigrate to the West and become their headache.

Finally, after more than five years the result is as follows: although Ablyazov is in prison, the prison is French, the Government, according to the estimate of the Prosecutor General of the RK has spent U.S. $ 16 billion to save BTA, after the second restructuring BTA is not worth a penny, and if the government withdraws its money, the next day it will go down the drain.

To conclude my reflections: today Akorda, the Government, Samruk-Kazyna, Kazkommertsbank, and BTA hope that after a while they will regain control over the Mukhtar Ablyazov's Russian assets and sell or restructure them so as to recover the losses they have incurred.

They may hope in vain. I have information that the Russian investigators are gearing up their effortsin the BTA case because since the last year the Ablyazov's assets have been targeted by business entities close to Sergei Sobyanin. And the fact that the Mayor of Moscow is, in turn, close to Vladimir Putin, needs no explanation.

The scheme is simple: the Investigative Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the RK, with the active assistance of the Prosecutor General and the AFECC of the RK, the BTA Bank and its foreign legal contractors, fabricates a criminal case against Mukhtar Ablyazov and others. Then they will be tried in absentia in Russia, found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment.

The Kremlin is well aware that Ablyazov is unlikely to be extradited to Russia, especially as its relations with the West since his arrest in July 2013 have significantly deteriorated. But the Kremlin does not need his extradition to try Ablyazov in Russia to please Akorda. The Kremlin needs a guilty verdict to confiscate all assets that have been allegedly acquired with the money stolen from BTA.

Now these assets are being claimed by all and sundry including the Russian Deposit Insurance Agency and the BTA Bank plus a bunch of big and petty raiders including Sergei Tishchenko who sold Mukhtar Ablyazov to the Kazakh authorities.

So the verdict, when it comes into force, will put a decisive end to the whole orgy without going into detail and looking at the transactions for buying and selling securities, the transfer of and control over assets, the directors' and shareholders' rights and obligations and other legal nonsense.

On the basis of the verdict delivered in the criminal case by the Russian court, all real assets located in the territory of the Russian Federation will be seized in favour of the state and then through auctions will end up in the hands of the business entities patronized by the Kremlin. Akorda and BTA Bank will have to humble and shut up.

By the way, Russia has cancelled the decision to dismiss the criminal case against Elena Tishchenko under amnesty. This fact is little known, though in this case the initiative again belongs to the Kazakh side. Akorda expects that under such a threat Sergei and Elena Tishchenko will moderate their appetites and stop interfering with the BTA gaining control over the Ablyazov's assets in Russia."

Source: Facebook