KyivPost: prosecutors in Kazakhstan: Ablyazov not to be extradited without the consent of France
© 15.01.2014

“Kazakhstan law enforcement authorities continuing their cooperation with the French in order to directly extradite Mukhtar Ablyazov to Kazakhstan” – official statement of the Kazakhstan Prosecutor General, cited in an article published by KyivPost.

The article focuses on the decision by the French, Aix-en-Provence court, which sanctioned on January 9, the extradition of the Kazakh dissident, Mukhtar Ablyazov, and also discussing the probability of Kazakhstan being his destination, should he be extradited. The court ruled in favour of Ablyazov being handed over to Russia and Ukraine, at the same time, however, stating that precedence should be the Russian privilege, as Ablyazov’s activity had allegedly caused more damage in this country.

Although the authorities of Kazakhstan officially continue to underline that in line with the European Convention of Extradition of December 13 1957, “the issue of Ablyazov’s extradition from Russia or Ukraine is not at present being considered”, they simultaneously admit that they are in cooperation with the French authorities, directly working towards Ablyazov’s deportation to Kazakhstan.

Both the dissident’s barristers and organisations involved in human rights, such as Amnesty International, have underlined that extradition to Russia or Ukraine might ultimately mean that Ablyazov will be transferred to Kazakhstan; as both these countries are in close cooperation with Kazakhstan.