Tatiana Paraskevich released. She will not be extradited to Ukraine or Russia
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Having rejected the previous extradition request by Ukraine, a Czech court ruled to release Tatiana Paraskevich from custody after 22 months’ incarceration. Today, during the hearing regarding the request filed by Russia, the prosecution withdrew their support for this proposal. Tatiana Paraskevich is safe.

  • A sudden shift in Paraskevich’s case – the prosecutor changes his position regarding Russia’s request for extradition. The court rules that Paraskevich’s rendering is inadmissable. The ruling is binding.
  • The day before the hearing, in Prague, Paraskevich takes part in the first conference since her release.

Yesterday(27 March, 2014), in Prague, the Open Dialog Foundation organised the first meeting with Tatiana Paraskevich since she regained her freedom. After 22 months spent in a detention facility, Tatiana Paraskevich expressed her gratitude to the media, politicians and organisations who had intervened in her case. The summary of the actions includes a total of 45 appeals and 159 signatures of MPs and MEPs from countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy who had urged the Czech authorities to prevent the extradition of Paraskevich due to the political overtones of her case.
Today, on 28 March, 2014, the Regional Court in Pilsen held a hearing on the extradition request filed by the Russian Federation with regard to Tatiana Paraskevich. The prosecutor reneged on his previous position, according to which he demanded her extradition and stated that in light of the present state of affairs, rendering Paraskevich to Russia is unacceptable. In conclusion, he opposed the extradition. After the judicial conference, a judgment was passed, in which the court dismissed the Russian Federation’s request to extradite Paraskevich. The defence and the prosecution waived their right to appeal. Thus, the court's decision became final.

Tatiana Paraskevich is a former president of the Financial Board of Eurasia Investment and Industrial Group. She has been accused by Russia and Ukraine of committing financial crimes in cahoots with the Kazakh dissident Mukhtar Ablyazov, including embezzlement and misappropriation of property of significant value, as well as acting as a member of an organised criminal group.

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