Il Sole 24 Ore: Shalabayeva – the daughter notifies of a kidnapping
© 26.09.2013

Kidnapping and handling stolen goods. These are the charges pressed against some officials of the Ministry of the Interior in Rome as well as Kazakh diplomats, presented in the notification of a crime filed in the Roman Prosecutor’s Office by Madina Ablyazova’s lawyer. She’s Alma Shalabayeva‘s and the Kazakh opponent and oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov’s elder daughter. 

The purpose is to clarify who is responsible for the deportation of her mother and her six-year old sister, which took place last year on May 31st. The document will be brought to the attention of the chief prosecutor, Giuseppe Pignatone, and the deputy public prosecutor, Eugenio Albamonte,
already in charge of the inquiry launched into the incident that led to the deposition of Giuseppe Procaccini, the chief in the office of the Minister of the Interior, Alfano.