Polish media on the decision to extradite Ablyazov
© mukhtarablyazov.org 10.01.2014

The ruling announced on January 9 by the French appeal court, allowing for the extradition of Kazakh dissident Mukhtar Ablyazov reverberated through the media. This topic was picked up by leading Polish news websites, such as onet.pl, wyborcza.pl, wp.pl, rp.pl, tokfm.pl, polskieradio.pl, and money.pl.

Wyborcza, Wirtualna Polska and Onet, quoting Polish Press Agency, reported the French court’s decision authorising the extradition of Kazakh oppositionist Mukhtar Ablyazov. On January 9, the court in Aix-en-Provence granted Ukraine and Russia’s extradition requests. Polish news websites, quoting Polish Press Agency, have been reporting on the $6 billion embezzlement charges involving BTA bank brought against Ablyazov, adding that, according to the defendant, these accusations were politically motivated.

Ruslan Shoshyn in his article in Rzeczpospolita daily, with AFP as his source, quotes Ablyazov’s defence lawyers. “This ruling drapes French justice in shame,” Jean Pierre Mignard said after the hearing. Bruno Rebstock commented: “The court failed to provide any credible responses to the overwhelming legal arguments against Ablyazov’s extradition.”

Rzeczpospolita also points out that the French court failed to examine Ablyazov’s guilt in relation to the crimes he has been accused of, limiting its role to the extradition ruling. Shoshyn adds: “The decision by the Aix-en-Provence court means that, according to French judges, the Russian and Ukrainian justice systems are credible enough to allow extradition of persons with political asylum in another EU member state.”


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